We’re going on tour to show you how to bring recyclable materials back into the cycle – and how easy it is to let go of disused electrical or electronic appliances.

The raclette grill is defective, the old coffee machine is technically obsolete, and you haven’t played with the remote-controlled car in over 10 years – and yet these devices and appliances are still cluttering up your home. Just why is letting go so hard sometimes?

Reasons why you can’t let go

There may be several factors at play. We often overestimate the personal value of devices and appliances that are no longer used, technically obsolete or even defective, or psychological barriers prevent us from letting go. We paid a lot for the now broken espresso machine; we can’t just throw it away. And the old wall clock may not be much to look at, but it was a gift from Auntie Frieda.

It’s frequently even simply a case of not having a disposal routine; we don’t take the broken iron to the collection point straight away, as we can always easily do that next week. But then we don’t do it – even after two weeks, a month or six months. So the appliances lie around unused and useless in our home until we forget that we even have them.

Letting go is good – for you and the environment!

So here’s our tip: let go when it’s time to let go! You’ll be amazed at how good it feels when you finally get rid of old junk and make room for something new. It’s not without reason that SENS eRecycling has been able to collect an incredible 1.4 million tonnes of electrical and electronic appliances in the past 32 years.

Letting go is also good for our environment. By disposing of your electronic waste at a retail store or one of the around 750 SENS collection points, you not only make sure that hazardous substances contained in appliances are removed in a way that does not harm people or the environment, you also ensure that valuable raw materials such as iron, aluminium, copper and gold can be reused. And there’s a lot of them – an average of 75% of each appliance can be recycled.

Here are more tips on how to let go of your electrical appliances: 14 Tips for Letting Go

SENS eRecycling on tour

Incidentally, we will really step on the gas this year – to inform as many people in Switzerland as possible about the huge environmental benefits of letting go. Quite literally.

Starting this spring, we will be on tour with our “The fascination of eRecycling” mobile container exhibition, visiting various towns and cities in Switzerland. The exhibition already premiered successfully last year; but, rather than resting on our laurels, we have made it even more appealing, interactive and entertaining.

Our tip: don’t miss it! You can find out here exactly when and where “The fascination of eRecycling” will be stopping near you.

Return valuable resources into the cycle

Give it a go: visit our exhibition, let go and hand your disused electrical and electronic appliances over to eRecycling. Or, if they still work, send them to the reuse cycle – by selling, donating or sharing them.

Whether you choose eRecycling or reuse, you will help to save resources and make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment. Join in!

14 Tips for Letting Go