Recycling companies

Recycling companies licensed by SENS eRecycling meet the highest requirements and quality standards not only in terms of ecology, but also in terms of the working environment and workplace safety. SENS recycling companies are responsible for ensuring that the disused electrical and electronic appliances can be professionally disassembled, their precious raw materials reused, and any pollutants disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Regular inspections by independent inspection experts ensure that the high quality standards are continuously monitored and developed further. The enduring relationships between SENS eRecycling and its eRecycling partners ensure both ecologically exemplary working practices and economically beneficial processes.

Licensed SENS recycling companies

Postcode, city/town
Altola AG
4600 Olten
AVO Wiederkehr Recycling AG
9536 Schwarzenbach
3752 Wimmis
Bühlmann Recycling AG
1797 Münchenwiler
Congefi SA
6512 Giubiasco
E. Flückiger AG
4852 Rothrist
Immark AG Regensdorf
8105 Regensdorf
MétaBader SA
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Oeko-Service Schweiz AG
4310 Rheinfelden
soRec AG
9200 Gossau SG
SOVAG Sonderabfallverwertungs-AG
3113 Rubigen
Thévenaz-Leduc SA
1024 Ecublens VD
Thévenaz-Leduc SA
1510 Moudon
Thommen AG Kaiseraugst
4303 Kaiseraugst
Thommen AG Köniz & Givisiez
3174 Thörishaus
Wiederkehr Recycling AG
5622 Waltenschwil

Licensed SENS photovoltaic recycling companies

Postcode, city/town
KWB Planreal AG
9443 Widnau