Tariff and appliance list

How much Advanced recycling contribution (ARC) is levied on which appliance? We will help you to declare the ARF quickly and correctly – our tariff and appliance list shows you all the information, clearly and conveniently.

The information on how much ARC is levied on which appliance can be found in our tariff and appliance list. SENS has specialised in small and large household appliances, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, electrical and electronic toys, construction, garden and hobby equipment, lamps and lighting equipment, and sports and fitness equipment. Thanks to our industry solutions with our partners, photovoltaic modules, vehicle and industrial batteries, heat pumps and e-cigarettes are also part of the SENS system.

VFAS industry solution

On 1 January 2022, SENS and the Swiss Association of Independent Vehicle Traders (VFAS) launched the “VFAS” industry solution. It enables a standardised process for the collection, transport and recycling of industrial and vehicle batteries. The advance recycling fees (ARF) are listed in the tariffs and devices list for electric cars and large electric vehicles.