Benefits for ARC partners

As a SENS ARC partner, you become part of take-back system recognised by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), and make a sustainable commitment to the environment. You also receive numerous benefits, as outlined below. Do you wish to become a partner? Here you can go directly to the affiliation contract page. 

Pasqual Zopp
Managing Director
“We offer you a cost-neutral solution for professional recycling. support. We support you in fulfilling your producer responsibility according to VREG.”
For more information, please write to Pasqual.
Sabrina Bjöörn
Deputy Managing Director
Co-determination and active participation are big priorities for us. For over 30 years now, we and our partners have been developing an efficient system. Take the reins into your own hands and actively participate in shaping the SENS eRecycling system.”
For more information, please write to Sabrina.
Roman Eppenberger
Technology and Quality
“We guarantee our partners the safe disposal of their electrical and electronic appliances. They benefit from our expertise and the high quality standards of our established take-back system.”
For more information, please write to Roman.