The bag was too full already. It was cold and rainy. I was under a lot of pressure at the time. Excuses! We all tend to resort to them when we can’t be bothered to dispose of an electrical or electronic appliance properly. That is why we’ve decided to have a look at the most popular recycling excuses this year. Our conclusion: even the smartest excuse is not nearly as clever as Switzerland’s eRecycling system.

Be completely honest: Do you sometimes find excuses when you don’t want to take your old appliances to the collection point? 

Do you just keep them around your house instead? You would not be the only person in Switzerland to do so. That is what our recently commissioned study has found.

This year, we give the people of Switzerland a chance to be heard. We want to know exactly what makes someone dispose of an electrical or electronic appliance properly – or not. Of course, we are also interested in the most creative excuses. That includes yours!

The old, broken cuckoo clock was a gift from Uncle Franz. The talking teddy bear, which spoke its last words over a decade ago, use to be a child’s favourite toy once upon a time. It can be hard to admit that certain things are no longer fit for use or repair.

Instead of taking them to the collection point or the nearest sales business, we often take them to the basement first. And that’s where they stay. For weeks, months, years. Until we forget that we still have them. Our study has found that, too.

You may think: What’s wrong with the broken lawnmower in the garage? It’s not bothering anyone. It’s not helping anyone, either. Especially not the environment. And that’s a pity. Every electrical and electronic appliance contains many valuable raw materials, such as iron, aluminium, copper and gold. With appropriate recycling, they can be extracted and reused.

When you dispose of an electrical or electronic appliance, you don’t lose anything: you gain a reason to be joyful. Because it is the last good deed that your favourite appliance can do for the environment. We think: ditch your excuses and join in!