2017 campaign: “Close the Circle”

Every year, tens of thousands of tons of precious raw materials are reclaimed from old electrical and electronic appliances. Retailers, manufacturers and importers who levy the advance recycling fee (ARF) on their appliances support this sustainable system. By ensuring that you as a customer pay the ARF when purchasing electrical and electronic appliances, you are helping to sustain eRecycling in Switzerland.

Today, approximately 95 per cent of disused electrical and electronic appliances in Switzerland is professionally recycled. This is a European record. This achievement is made possible because over 600 manufacturers, retailers and importers already levy the ARF when selling an appliance. Among other things, they thereby make it possible to operate a dense network of SENS collection points. At these collection points, you can return your disused appliances conveniently and free of charge.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer or importer is willing to levy the ARF and thus contribute to a sustainable cycle of materials. A study conducted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) estimates that the recycling system thereby loses out on several million francs a year.

With this campaign, we want to inspire you to purchase your appliances from SENS partners and thus – by paying the ARF – help to finance the professional disposal of disused electrical and electronic appliances. Here you can visit the microsite.