Communication 2018:
Junkopus explains

Is fake news a new phenomenon? We don’t think so. In connection with recycling, in particular, the Internet and people’s views have been beset by persistent misinformation for decades.

With this communication measure, we want to inform you how the take-back system for electrical and electronic appliances in Switzerland works, what it achieves and how you can contribute to ensuring its continued success.

In entertaining videos, Junkopus shows why waste is not simply waste, what happens to appliances after they are disposed of, what the advance recycling fee achieves and why collecting in Switzerland really does play a role. After all, more than 85 per cent of an electrical or electronic appliance can be reused. Valuable materials such as aluminium, gold, iron and copper are retrieved from disused appliances and recycled.

Our electrical and electronic appliances therefore contain real treasure – let’s make sure together that it remains in the Swiss cycle of recyclable materials.

Thank you for your participation!

You have told us many funny, exciting and surprising stories about your favorite electronic home appliance - a thousand thanks for your participation. We have chosen a lucky winner for the e-bike worth 4000 CHF per lot.

Congratulations to the winner!

Voluntary ARF

Commit to professional recycling in Switzerland! Voluntarily pay a retrospective ARF.

Every year, the SENS system loses out on CHF 3 to 4 million in ARFs due to purchases made online or abroad. This weakens the recycling system in Switzerland. Have you purchased an appliance abroad or online, but don’t want to hurt the Swiss recycling system? Pay a CHF 5.00 ARF by text message for professional disposal: send “VRG” to number 488.