On behalf of everyone here at SENS eRecycling, welcome to 2020! What are your resolutions for the new year? Taking the stairs instead of the lift, spending more time with the family, or finally reading that book you borrowed?

Junkopus could hardly wait to get started this year and is already grappling with all sorts of fascinating conundrums, like how to get rid of a Christmas present after receiving it for the fourth time. This is just one of the many resolutions for 2020 that Junkopus will be telling us about here over the next few weeks.

We will also be continuing our commitment to recycling electrical and electronic appliances in the new year and doing everything to ensure that key raw materials such as iron, aluminium and copper remain in the cycle of recyclable materials – and that these raw materials can then be used to produce new appliances.

All the best for 2020 from everyone here at SENS!

Voluntary ARF

Commit to professional recycling in Switzerland! Voluntarily pay a retrospective ARF.

Every year, the SENS system loses out on CHF 3 to 4 million in ARFs due to purchases made online or abroad. This weakens the recycling system in Switzerland. Have you purchased an appliance abroad or online, but don’t want to hurt the Swiss recycling system? Pay a CHF 5.00 ARF by text message for professional disposal: send “VRG” to number 488.


Thanks for your creative and great gift ideas for Christmas.

We have a lucky winner:
Congratulations dear Valéria Pacella!