Communication 2019:
Fair Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re sure you already have a few great gift ideas for your friends and loved ones. Heated socks for Aunt Susan with her constantly frozen feet? A curling iron for your styling-obsessed cousin Isabelle? A remote-controlled truck full of sugary treats for sweet-toothed Tom? Share your ideas with us and remember – buying new appliances with the advance recycling fee and correctly disposing of old electronic appliances helps to make Christmas a little bit more sustainable and twice as much fun!

Junkopus has told fascinating recycling stories throughout the year, helped you do your electronic spring clean and been joined by a host of new Recycling Heroes who disposed of their old electronic toys in their Recycling Hero bags. You are our recycling heroes, so this Christmas, don’t forget that eRecycling is important and makes sense! 

Electrical and electronic appliances do not just become waste when they are defective – they contain real treasures. Whether it is the toaster, the oven or a drone – there are important raw materials such as iron, copper or aluminium in all of these appliances that get lost if not professionally recycled. Let’s make sure together that these raw materials remain in the cycle of recyclable materials and new Christmas presents can be made from them.

Everyone at SENS wishes you a sustainable and happy Christmas.


Thank you very much for your participation. The winner will be determined by drawing lots and notified by us.

Voluntary ARF

Commit to professional recycling in Switzerland! Voluntarily pay a retrospective ARF.

Every year, the SENS system loses out on CHF 3 to 4 million in ARFs due to purchases made online or abroad. This weakens the recycling system in Switzerland. Have you purchased an appliance abroad or online, but don’t want to hurt the Swiss recycling system? Pay a CHF 5.00 ARF by text message for professional disposal: send “VRG” to number 488.