Over 9 tonnes of valuable e-waste collected! The pilot project in Zurich and Bern was a complete success

For about 3 months, the defective iron or the discarded hairdryer could be disposed of directly at home. Deposited in their own letterbox, defective or unused electronic devices were collected by the post office and recycled by SENS eRecycling. The new service was very popular: More than 7000 Electro Recycling Bags were collected and over 9 tonnes of electronic waste were recycled in an environmentally friendly way!

Collecting fever truly broke out in Zurich and Bern. Cellars were cleared out, boxes emptied and drawers turned upside down. The result: 9189.3 kilograms of defective or no longer used electrical appliances were returned with the Electro Recycling Bags - a sensational achievement and a great success for the new SENS eRecycling service! This is confirmed not only by the good figures, but also by the many positive responses from the public.

In order to gain a deeper insight into the recycling behaviour of the Swiss, the filled recycling sacks were analysed more closely in our goods hub in Olten. A lot of exciting things came to light. For example, the average filled electro recycling bag weighs 1.29 kilograms and typically contains electric toothbrushes, shavers, irons and blenders. But remote controls, mobile phones and headphones were also disposed of in the Electro Recycling Bag. Particularly pleasing: at just over 1%, the proportion of foreign matter in the bags is very low.

Collection campaign 2021

A collection campaign will be held again in 2021. You don't want to miss it? Then pre-order your Electro Recycling Bags right now. They will be sent to you automatically at the start of the 2021 collection campaign in autumn. We are already looking forward to it!


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