Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher is the new President of the Foundation Board of SENS eRecycling

Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher is the new president of the SENS eRecycling Foundation Board as of 1 April 2023. The 56-year-old lawyer and FDP National Councillor from the canton of St. Gallen is very well connected and was the foundation's preferred candidate. In her new position, she wants to work with the team and partners of SENS eRecycling to further develop the recycling of electrical appliances, lights and illuminants, photovoltaic systems, and vehicle and industrial batteries, and to advance the implementation of the circular economy.

"After an intensive search, we are very pleased to have found in Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher an experienced and communicative personality for the presidency. Thanks to her excellent networking, both politically and economically, her clear commitment to sustainability and her winning manner, we are convinced that Ms Vincenz-Stauffacher is the right person to bring SENS eRecycling and its partners closer to the shared vision of a circular economy," explains Christine Wiederkehr-Luther, member of the Foundation Council and chair of the search committee.

Excellently networked and committed to a sustainable Switzerland

Ms Vincenz-Stauffacher has been the representative of the FDP in the National Council since 2019 and President of FDP Women Switzerland since 2020. She is broadly networked, proactive and pragmatic and has made a name for herself as a bridge builder within a very short time. As a self-employed lawyer, she sits on the Judicial Committee (GK) and the influential Committee for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (UREK-N). There she advocates, among other things, for a sustainable climate and energy policy. In addition to her profession as a lawyer and her political commitment, she serves as ombudswoman of the Ombudsman's Office for Old Age and Disability SG/AR/AI (OSAB), as president of the Foundation for Victim Assistance SG/AR/AI and as a board member of the Swisscleantech business association.

Raising awareness and expanding the network 

"I am very happy about the new task. Nature and the environment are close to my heart. They are a basic component of our health and prosperity, which must be sustainably protected. As President of the Foundation Board of SENS eRecycling, I would therefore like to anchor awareness of the circular economy even more firmly in society and work to ensure that, thanks to private-sector organisations like SENS eRecycling, it does not remain just a vision, but becomes a reality as soon as possible.

SENS eRecycling: private-sector and independent

The SENS Foundation was founded in 1990 and is an independent, neutral and non-profit foundation. It presents itself to the outside world under the brand name SENS eRecycling. 

The aim of the Foundation is to promote privately organised recycling solutions, to ensure quality assurance and environmentally sound disposal in eRecycling and to optimise their logistics systems. These services are financed by means of the market-conform advanced recycling fee (vRB). By sustainably recycling discarded electrical and electronic appliances in and around the home, light bulbs and luminaires, photovoltaic systems, and vehicle and industrial batteries, SENS eRecycling conserves resources and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection. During its 30 years of activity alone, SENS eRecycling, together with its partners, has already been able to collect over 975,000 tonnes of recyclable materials and return them to the raw materials cycle and