Tariff and appliance list as binding allocation

Wristwatches and lamps

Tariff and appliance list as binding allocation

We recently noticed some uncertainty regarding the declaration of wristwatches and lamps and would like to provide some clarity. In general, our ARF tariff and appliance list applies for the allocation of the appliances.

At SENS eRecycling, wristwatches are only reported in the corresponding weight category. This rule also applies for lamps with batteries.
Appliances (items) with batteries in a packaging unit are therefore always reported and declared in the corresponding weight category at SENS eRecycling. This has been agreed with Inobat.
The current version of the ARF tariff and appliance list is sent to you once annually and can always be accessed here.

We always strive to offer you comprehensive service with respect to the various disposal and reporting obligations. It is important to us to ensure that the costs incurred by our contractual partners remain low.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.