Broken electronic toys belong in the recycling

Electronic toys contain valuable metals and plastics. To stop these materials going to waste, it’s important to put broken appliances in the recycling. You can either return them to the point of sale free of charge or dispose of them at one of more than 750 SENS collection points. This way, you will also stop harmful heavy metals or other hazardous substances ending up in the environment.

In Switzerland, the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances is mandatory – as set down in the Swiss Federal Ordinance on the Return, Taking Back and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ORDEE). This ordinance also covers toys that contain electrical and electronic components. By recycling, you help to ensure that the recyclable materials contained – such as copper, aluminium or plastics – are reprocessed and returned to the raw material cycle. Recycling companies also guarantee that hazardous substances are not released into the environment, thereby protecting animals and people.

If you have a broken electrical or electronic toy at home, this means you can’t simply throw it away in the rubbish. Instead, you should take it to your local collection point for electronic waste or, even more conveniently, return the toy to where you bought it. After all, just as the ORDEE requires you to put your broken appliances in the recycling (return obligation), retailers are required to take back all electrical and electronic appliances that they have in their product range – or similar products – free of charge (take-back obligation).

It costs you nothing to return the appliances – because you already paid for this when you bought the toys. A charge of around 50 cents is included in the price of any appliance that contains electrical or electronic components. Swiss retailers automatically add this advance recycling fee (ARF) to the purchase price for electronic toys and then pay it into a SENS eRecycling fund. This private-sector foundation then uses this money to pay for the disposal, transport and recycling of the electrical and electronic toys.

Free of charge and carriage paid –  you can dispose of your electronic toys properly here

It’s best to take your broken or unwanted electronic toys back to where you bought them. But even shops that sell similar products are required by law in Switzerland to take back your flashing, beeping or moving toys free of charge. This is even the case when you don’t buy a new toy in the shop. Otherwise, you can also dispose of your appliances together with other electronic waste – such as toasters, vacuum cleaners or hair dryers – free of charge at over 750 SENS collection points. Want to know where your nearest collection point is? Find out here: Collection points.

How recycling works

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