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Three questions for Fabio Giddey, Swissolar

We spoke to Fabio Giddey, responsible for Technology & Innovation at Swissolar, and asked him three questions about photovoltaics.

What are the major advantages of photovoltaics?

Fabio Giddey: Photovoltaics is a renewable and sustainable solution for achieving our primary objective – the energy transition in Switzerland – quickly and efficiently. In addition, hydropower, which is already highly developed in Switzerland, is the perfect complement to photovoltaics and the reservoirs can be kept optimally supplied with solar power.

What significant role will photovoltaics play in Switzerland in 5, 10 and 30 years’ time?

Fabio Giddey: Alongside hydropower, photovoltaics will represent a mainstay of Switzerland’s energy supply.

Fabio Giddey
Technology & Innovation, Swissolar
“Alongside hydropower, photovoltaics will represent a mainstay of Switzerland’s energy supply.”

What do I, as a consumer, have to pay attention to so that I can take the best possible advantage of a PV system?

Fabio Giddey: It is now essential to develop every suitable area. Every kilowatt hour counts! In addition, the PV system must be treated as a “piece of the pie” in the overall energy system. The PV system should therefore have an intelligent link to a heat pump, the electric car and any battery via an “energy management system". This is how you can effectively and sustainably benefit from your personal solar power.