Rebricks as good as new!

The non-profit project "REBRICKS" gives old bricks a new life. Bricks that are no longer used are collected, cleaned by the RgZ Foundation in its workshops and day care centres and then brought to new children's rooms as REBRICKS play boxes through the Migros sales channels.

This cycle saves resources, makes children and parents happy and creates space in the cellar or attic. But the old bricks do even more good: the professional cleaning and preparation of the donated bricks is a fulfilling, meaningful job for people with mental or physical disabilities. Every kilogram of bricks donated supports the RgZ Foundation in Zurich.

With the "REBRICKS" project, Migros wants to promote the sustainable use of resources and show that sustainability and social commitment for the good of society and the environment are also possible in the children's room.

The REBRICKS play boxes are available exclusively in the toy department of Migros City, Limmatplatz, Glattzentrum, Regensdorf, and Bülach-Süd. If your game pieces are also gathering dust in the basement or attic, you can always fill out the donation form and send it in a collection bag free of charge.

As a project partner, we are very happy to support "REBRICKS"!