New Recycling Map with push messages for collection tours

For more than 10 years, the Recycling Map has provided a comprehensive overview of the Swiss collection point landscape. Since January 2023, the app has not only been given a new, modern look, but also new features such as collection tour reminders.

The Recycling Map summarises 16,078 public collection points for different collection items throughout Switzerland. Anyone looking for the nearest collection point for used aluminium packaging, food cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, textiles, batteries, electrical appliances (office and entertainment) or other recyclable collection items can use the Recycling Map to find information on the location, opening hours and a list of the collection items that are collected at the respective collection point.

Push messages for collection tours

As part of this year's relaunch, the Recycling Map app was not only modernised, but also enhanced with new features. Users can now not only find all collection points in their vicinity and filter them according to what they collect, but also any collection dates. A quick glance at the app's calendar is all it takes to inform about the next cardboard collection dates.

Those who no longer want to miss a collection can subscribe to individual reminders with just a few clicks and receive practical push messages in the future. The new app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is also fun. Users not only find practical background information, but can also put their knowledge to the test in regular recycling quizzes. Further features will be added on an ongoing basis in the coming months to make the app one of the most important platforms for recycling in Switzerland.

Download the new Recycling Map App now and see for yourself.

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The Recycling Map App was (further) developed by Igora-Genossenschaft für Aluminium-Recycling, a member of Swiss Recycle.