Technical Report 2022

Impetus towards the circular economy

After years of challenges and uncertainties, the recycling sector can look to the future with confidence and optimism. Important decisions at the political level provide a welcome tailwind.

In this year's technical report you can find out, among other things, what the Federal Council's decision on the ORDEE is all about and which restructuring within the industry is providing fresh impetus.
We also show how many tonnes of electrical waste were collected and processed in 2021, how in the canton of Geneva electrical appliances could be collected for recycling or reuse directly from the doorstep, what EMPA and SECO have been doing for 20 years to ensure the sustainable handling of discarded electrical appliances in developing countries, and what new findings are known about PCBs in ballasts.

Read many other interesting articles on the subject of eRecycling in the technical report. 

The technical report is published in English, German and French and is available to all interested parties as a PDF download.