Reuse makes you happy:
This is how easy it is for you to bring discarded electrical appliances back into the cycle

That old floor lamp doesn't quite want to match the new living room decor. The electric meat knife that used to give you so much pleasure is no longer used since you learned to love vegetarian cooking. And the lawn mower has been slumbering peacefully in the garage since it no longer has a job to do in the new city apartment.

Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. Because the fact is: by no means all electrical and electronic equipment that we no longer use is broken. And it's just as clear that there are many people who would still be delighted with these items.

Give away, share or sell
So before you dispose of your no-longer-used-but-still-functioning devices at a SENS collection point or retail store, consider returning them to the Reuse cycle by giving them away, sharing them, or selling them.

There are numerous ways to do this: The most obvious is to look around your circle of friends or neighborhood to see if there is a need for your old stuff. Or you can donate your equipment that still works. There are many charitable organizations that will gladly accept them. Of course, you can also try to sell your old things. Just place a classified ad on Ricardo or other online portals. Or you can offer your things at your own booth at a flea market - you'll be amazed how much fun that is.

Use reuse providers or other specialized platforms
An interesting option is to sell discarded electrical appliances to specialized reuse providers. There, the devices are professionally inspected before resale and, if possible, upgraded through small technical improvements as well as the replacement of certain components to such an extent that the devices can sometimes even be given a one-year warranty again.

Specialized platforms that help extend the life of electrical appliances are also very useful. For example, in January 2022 SENS launched the pilot project "Give your toy a second life" together with the Swiss Toy Association and developed the digital platform "Circular App" for this purpose. With great success: More than 250 used toys were collected and donated to charitable organizations. Countless other toys were sold via the app or sent for recycling to recover the raw materials.

Reuse pays off!
As you can see: Reuse is beneficial in many ways! Join in and make still functioning electrical appliances available for reuse. By doing so, you will not only help to extend the lifespan of many devices, which is a central goal of the circular economy. You are also setting an example against the throwaway mentality in our society, helping to save valuable resources and making an effective contribution to environmental protection.