We achieved a great deal together: 2021 Annual Report

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”

The above quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry encapsulates what we worked on together with you every day last year – namely the future of eRecycling. These innovative and ambitious projects once again show that with your support, dear Partners, we can achieve a great deal on behalf of the environment. Whether it is through small steps in the circular economy or with a milestone in policy-making: together we are strengthening SENS eRecycling as a sustainable take-back system in Switzerland.

It was a long, tense wait until it was finally time on 20 October 2021 – the Federal Council approved the revised version of the Ordinance on the Return, Taking Back and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ORDEE). The changed specifications of the ORDEE now apply to all electrical appliances. It is a real milestone, as it allows us to continue growing and to expand into new sectors. Yet, with over 1,200 ORDEE partners, more than 500 collection points and 20 recycling companies, the SENS network is also bigger than ever before. A major factor in this growth was the merger with the Swiss Lighting Recycling Foundation (SLRS). We are pleased to have joined forces for the future.

Our study has clearly shown that the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances is deeply embedded in Switzerland. In collaboration with the FHNW School of Applied Psychology, we were able to learn a lot about the attitudes, behaviour and perception of the Swiss population regarding the topic of recycling electrical and electronic appliances. Now we also know the areas we can work on to make eRecycling in Switzerland even better.

The circular economy is about more than recycling – in small yet mighty pilot projects, we support our partners in finding their role in the circular economy and creating networks. Together with the Swiss Toys and Games Association (SVS), we have set up a platform for giving toys a second life. We have established the requirements for reusing photovoltaic modules and outlined a potential solution. And we also continue to evolve in our established business areas. Thus, we worked together with the Swiss association of independent car dealers (VFAS) to develop a sustainable disposal solution for industrial and vehicle batteries.

Many interesting articles await you in our Annual Report. Read more about the circular economy in the med-tech sector, about our joint communication activities with Swissolar, and many other facets of eRecycling. You can look forward to some fascinating articles!

We hope you enjoy reading our 2021 Annual Report.
SENS eRecycling

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