Swiss Lighting Recycling Foundation (SLRS) merges with SENS Foundation

The two foundations are joining forces, merging to form an expanded network with retroactive effect from 1 January 2021. The merger of the two foundations is intended to create a single point of contact for joint contractual partners.

Simplified structures and processes are vital when it comes to performing successfully as a private-sector take-back system in the context of the current revision of the Ordinance on the Return, Take-Back and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ORDEE), or in the event of an amendment to the corresponding article in the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). It is also against this backdrop that the two foundations have decided not only to cooperate, but to merge.

In the interests of continuity, SENS eRecycling will take over all SLRS cooperations in accordance with the agreements reached with the respective cooperation partners.

With our take-back system strengthened in this way, we look forward to jointly guaranteeing comprehensive and professional disposal in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.