Puffed out! But where can e-cigarettes be disposed of?

Disposable e-cigarettes last for just 600 puffs. Then the liquid runs out and the e-cigarette must be disposed of. But stop! Rubbish bags or rubbish bins are the wrong place for this. E-cigarettes are electrical appliances and belong back at the point of sale or at the nearest collection point for electrical waste. This also applies to reusable e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are popular. Not only because of their countless and exotic flavours of watermelon, eucalyptus, liquorice or piña colada. No, disposable e-cigarettes in particular are also small and handy, making them the ideal companion at parties or when travelling. But unlike reusable e-cigarettes with rechargeable batteries and refillable liquid containers, they only last for 400 to 600 puffs or 4 to 6 days - depending on consumption habits. Then the liquid or the battery runs out and the disposable e-cigarette has to be thrown away as a whole. Reusable e-cigarettes last much longer: one to two years on average. Depending on the size and performance of the batteries. Either way, at some point even the most powerful battery will have had its day and will have to be disposed of. But where, if not in the household rubbish?

Too often, e-cigarettes end up in household waste - or even worse, directly in nature. Disposing of them is not only child's play, but also free of charge.

Sales outlets and collection points take back e-cigarettes

In Switzerland, manufacturers, importers and retailers are legally obliged to accept all electronic devices free of charge and to dispose of them properly. This also includes all types of e-cigarettes as well as associated components such as charging cables, rechargeable batteries or battery carriers. This means that e-cigarettes can be returned wherever they can be bought, for example at a kiosk, petrol station or tobacco shop. Alternatively, disused devices can be recycled at over 750 SENS collection points throughout Switzerland.

Do you sell e-cigarettes? Become a vape recycler!

Order vape recycling bags for your shop here. This allows your customers to easily collect and dispose of their vapes. With a full vape recycling bag, you also help to return valuable materials such as lithium, cobalt or aluminium to the material cycle.