Reuse, repair, recycle: get everything you can out of your electrical appliances.

The average European household owns 74 electrical appliances. However, an average of 11 of them are either no longer in use or defective but still lying about in drawers, basements and garages. That’s why our motto is: say goodbye to hoarding! Even disused electrical appliances can still serve a purpose – as long as they are sold, shared or given away (reused), fixed (repaired) or disposed of in a way that allows the valuable materials contained in them to be returned to the loop (recycled).

This year, we sought to understand how the Swiss population deals with electrical appliances that are no longer in use. We travelled extensively throughout Switzerland and knocked on doors to find out. During our spontaneous home visits, we asked couples, families and those residing in shared living arrangements: How many electrical appliances are lying about in your home? How often are they used, and how readily can their owners part with them once they have served their purpose? The result is an entertaining and informative video that shows you how to get the most out of electrical appliances that you no longer need – for your personal benefit and for the good of the environment. Be sure to check it out!

Outstanding results thanks to a proven network

For years, Switzerland has been successful in establishing global benchmarks for eRecycling. The typical resident of Switzerland disposes of an average of 16 kg of electrical appliances per year in an environmentally friendly manner, more than almost anywhere else. This is made possible by a well-established network of more than 1,200 specialised dealers, manufacturers and importers, as well as over 750 collection points and 16 recycling companies.

New challenges: small devices, invisible e-waste, vapes

But even in Switzerland, we sometimes find it difficult to dispose of electrical items that are no longer in working order. This is often the case with small and micro devices in particular. In other words, many people mistakenly believe that certain electrical devices and appliances are not worth disposing of properly. Other electronic devices are not even recognized as such and therefore end up inadvertently disposed of as regular household waste. “Invisible e-waste” is the technical term for this phenomenon. Another trending topic is the use of e-cigarettes, also known as vapes. These are also among the electronic devices that should be disposed of properly – but most people don’t know that. One hard-to-believe fact in this regard is that the total mass of all the vapes thrown away throughout the world each year is equivalent to the weight of six Eiffel Towers.

Circular Platform:
sell, share, repair, dispose

Not every electrical device or appliance that is no longer in use is ready for eRecycling. The RC car that has been sitting unused for years, the standard lamp in the cellar that could easily be repaired and the old, forgotten raclette oven: all of them still work or could be made to work with little effort, so it makes sense to sell, share or repair such devices. This benefits you, as well as others, and is particularly advantageous for the environment. On our Circular Platform, we show you how to maximise the potential of your device or appliance.