New ARC partner: Gebrüder Bischof Industries

The Zurich-based family business Gebrüder Bischof Industries was founded in 2023. Under their brand name "Manta Lights", they produce and sell floor lamps for every style.

The components of their design lights are Swiss Made and combine elegance, style and functionality. They lovingly assemble each lamp by hand in their workshop. The lampshade is even handmade by the team. Because working locally and within the family is very important to the Gebrüder Bischof Industries.

In addition to the unique look, their diamond floor lamps fill the room with a subtle, atmospheric light and impress with their unique design. They currently have three lamp sizes in their range. 

The Gebrüder Bischof Industries focus on sustainable materials and Swiss production. With their membership as a SENS partner, they also support a sustainable take-back solution for lamps and lights.

We warmly welcome Gebrüder Bischof Industries as a new partner. 

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